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May 4, 2017 – 04:53 pm

A 1 Houston Movers - 16 Photos - Movers - 7806 Leader St, Houston
This place is a rip off, the o...

This place is a rip off, the old lady Judy comes off like a sweet grandmother, but she is a con artist. I hired this company to move me out of a 5 bedroom house and the first mistake was they sent a trailer instead of a truck to move me. The workers were seedy looking and they left half of my things and it took 5 hours to do that. I had to get family to help me move the rest of my things the following day. After unpacking I noticed that I had jewelry missing and a small laptop, which was broken missing. I called and made a complaint and Judy flat out just hung up on me and hasn't answered any of my calls since. I later found out that I had some money missing and my credit cards had been mysteriously used without my knowledge. About a week later one of the guys who had moved me was in the same pick up truck that pulled the trailer to move me was now pulling another trailer for another company moving my best friend. So I asked him about it and he said he works for both companies and that his brother in law owned the trailer he was pulling to move my best friend Sara. A few weeks later, she too was victimized. A-1 Affordable Movers are all crooks and they steal and I think that they are all in kahoots with each other stealing things from customers that won't easily be noticed missing until it's too late.

Source: www.yellowpages.com

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