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November 26, 2015 – 09:39 am

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Local move within Florida

I hired A1A Movers to ship my contents from W.Palm beach, FL, to Sarasota, Since I had a small move, I gave a description over the phone to Jennifer (NY/NJ office) who originally contacted me for an estimate. I had my pick up on 3/5/2017 and the delivery was scheduled for 3/8. When the movers arrived, to my surprise, the driver said my bill would be $600 more. Jennifer, the New York HQ agent estimated 261 cu.ft, ($800) which is what I thought final, or close to that. The driver said it was closer to 500 cu.ft. My first reaction was how could the agent have miscalculated being 100% off, since I gave her the exact items to be moved After they loaded it on, he said the total was 460 cu.ftor 200 cu.ft over the original estimate. That increased my bill to $600 more than the estimate, a 75% increase. I told the movers I wanted to measure myself, so I got up inside the truck, very dangerous with my age and bad knees, to calculate for myself. I came up with 302 cu.ft at the most. The driver said he has to charge me by the space it took up on the bottom whereas he was not able to stack items on top of each other to go up to the truck ceiling. None of this was explained to me when I got the estimate. I had no choice but to accept this at the time since I had to be out of my temporary lodgings.
Why should I have to pay for space that my items didn't use? I saw where he didn't use the space efficiently where he could have stacked some items easily without causing any damage. One section (135 cu.ft.) could have been saved by more efficient stacking. Also, on the pickup, the two men disassembled the patio table top without my consent. They said (from what I could understand) something about making space. The table top was only 24", so I didn't see the need for this. With the top off, it seemed to be an odd shape to try to stack it as opposed to leaving the top on. It seems that they were trying to take up more space to charge me. The movers also tried to charge me extra for saying the total feet from my door to their van was over 75 ft, which would have been extra. I re-measured with a tape and it wasn't
On Wednesday (3/8), when they delivered the furniture, I noticed that my items on the truck were this time stacked to the ceiling of the truck, unlike what the movers did on the original pickup. Also, the movers broke off one leg of an antique dresser, left an expensive oriental rug at the warehouse, and didn't put the patio table top back on the legs. Mr. Suarez, the main man of the two man crew, told us they would be back the next day to bring the rug and fix those items.They never came back and when I called, Mike, the Florida manager, he said that Mr. Suarez never told us that he would come the next day (Mr. Suarez lied to his manager).
Mike said he couldn't deliver the rug until the following week when we wouldn't be home. They left the rug on my front porch with no plastic wrap to protect it from the rain and never fixed the broken items.
I sent an email to Jennifer in HQ to complain about this. She sent my email to Mike in Fla. He called me on 3/21/17 and said he would discuss my issue with Mr.Suarez when Suarez returned from Peru on the 3/23/17. Mike never called me back.
I don't know if A1A Southern Florida outfit tried to scam me with or without their HQ knowledge. When we just moved here to Florida in January, I saw many news articles on numerous contractors taking advantage of Fla. senior citizens like myself.

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