Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 24, 2017 – 09:32 am

The old APMs at Orlando International Airport - PHOTO VIA MCOI keep hearing there's a cult following for my @MCO welcome message. Don't worry I've taped a message for the new automated people movers.

— Mayor Buddy Dyer (@orlandomayor) If you've ever flown out of gates 1-59 at Orlando International Airport, then you've ridden on an Automated People Mover, which means you've definitely heard Mayor Buddy Dyer's voice talk about how great Orlando is.

It's a wonderful message. While grasping your carry-on and breathing into some guy's hair that's only 3 inches from your face, it's a nice reprieve to hear Dyer discuss the importance of looking past our "world-class theme parks."

Anyway, because we love Dyer's welcome message so much, he let us in on the magic behind the curtain by posting a video of his process, posting the video above to Twitter last Monday.

Now you have something to think about every single time you're crammed into the APM with hundreds of antsy kids going to Disney.

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