Biggest movers in the stock market

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January 25, 2017 – 01:50 pm

Amazon is buying Whole Foods for $13.7 billion - Jun. 16, 2017

Find the biggest gainers and losers in the stock market on a daily or yearly basis. Use this hard to find information to make investment choices. When great companies have large pullbacks, they often make excellent investments. Similarly, if a stock is up a lot, it may be a good time to take some profits. Information is power. Buy low sell high!

You can view tickers from the Nasdaq, NYSE, S&P500, and Dow sorted by performance. You can also add stocks to your watchlist and keep an eye on what your favorite stocks are doing.

Great info
by Neha M.

This app pulls together great info on the stock market. Also provides a watchlist which am yet to use but seems useful so far in seeing the movement.

Very useful
by KevinMonami

I was looking for an app that could monitor the biggest gainers and losers of the stock market. This app helps me easily keep an eye on my favorite stocks. The watchlist feature is a must!

Great app!
by Lolman321123

Stock Movers shows how different types of news affect the stock market.


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