Air Mover

April 4, 2017 – 08:35 am

Coppus Ventilation / Tuthill Corporationchnology allows the Jectair lightweight, portable compressed air (or steam) operated flow amplifiers to offer an extended mixing chamber that produces more air volume, higher static pressure and uses less compressed air than previous models. An aerodynamic design allows the company to match the diffuser to the inlet with a superior mixing chamber and a more controlled and efficient surface configuration. Hornet models employ a crushproof, molded plastic diffuser. The plastic is a special, static dissipative material.
Design features of this unit include:
• High-volume discharge - five model capacities 1, 370 to 8, 900 cfm
• High efficiency ratios
• Single piece cast aluminum inlet housing.
• Multiple tamper proof nozzles machined into inlet housing.
• High static pressure capability
• Sturdy steel diffuser.
• Static Bonding Cable provided.
• No moving parts - important for ventilating hazardous areas - zero maintenance.
• Lightweight construction - convenient carrying handles - one person portability to any location.
• No guards required.
• Steel diffuser protected by safety yellow epoxy base powder coating with conductive filler to dissipate static charge.
• Non-ferrous version available.
• Other corrosion resistant coatings available.
• Inlet adapters also available.


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