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April 7, 2017 – 04:21 pm

Dewitt Companies Ltd - Free Quote - Movers - 9089 Clairemont Mesa
9089 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Ste 301
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 560-1621

Used Them for our move to Hilo, Hawaii from Sedona AZ. They where great to work with info was always right on. help through the move was great, Thanks Nick and Tara. can't go wrong with this Company. Thanks Andy Keef.

Save your money and your personal property. Use another company. Moved from Santa Cruz to Honolulu. Used this company to pack and transport container from our sold house to the Oakland port. I was assured how careful and diligent they would be, especially packing my china that my grandmother painted herself in early 1900. All the boxes they packed, were labeled Kitchen or Garage, with no hint of what was in them. Not sure what room these guys put their clothes in. I have to question the accuracy of the numbers anyway because #180 was suppose to be an antique humpback trunk. I didn't move my trunk to Hawaii, my son has it. So, what was in the "180" box? Royal Hawaiian Movers, ( they were fabulous by the way ), broke the seal on the container and were unloading the boxes when we found one sticker number missing. "Kitchen" on the manifest. I circled the number and the movers and I found a metal stand for a swinging chair that had no sticker on it and assumed this was the missing article. I put a sticker off next to the circle. After unpacking everything, I realized, yes indeed, we were missing a box. All of my good holiday silverware in a mahogany box, including my good steak knives, and what made me really sad, our wedding knife and server from over 30 years ago. Some of my china pieces and of course some of my grandmother's beautifully painted china pieces. Since the china and wedding servers were irreplaceable, I only asked for them to replace my silverware and box. Denied because I didn't write a thesis in the tiny circle, on the sheet of paper, at the curb. Ok, I'm exaggerating here, but you get my drift. I didn't write the right buzz word. So the insurance I had to pay, was for what again? And to be honest, one doesn't know what's missing until items are unpacked. It just works that way. One weak link in the move was that they didn't bring the container up to the house. They said they were unable to, even though plenty of large moving vans, big rigs and earth movers had been up our street. I was hoping it was mixed up with someones else's move and that someone would call and say they had a box that wasn't theirs. No such luck. How to protect yourself. If you can, pack it yourself. Have the container brought to your house and load up the boxes yourself, have family and friends help, (have a BBQ and feed them, this always help), or have a local moving company load it for you. Check the moving companies first with personal references and reviews. Wish I did. If you don't need a large container get a Pod or two. Our container wasn't even half full, so two or three Pods might have been better. If you have someone packing for you, make sure they are marking the correct room and at least giving an idea as to what is in the box. Moving company, ask for a copy of the manifest. Double check it for any glaring errors, for an example humpback trunks that are not there. Don't waste your money with insurance companies if you can. Remember, they are out to make money not for your benefit. Moving even to paradise can be stressful. With a disabled husband, going through all the hoops for a direct transfer for our kitty and everything falling on my shoulders, I really needed someone to take care of this for me. They fell short.

Dewitt was great to work with, they coordinated shipping my Jeep from Seattle to Maui; thanks again Tara, Fernando and Nicholas!

Dewitt insurance for moving is a sham. You only get 60% per pound so our 3 goblets cost $249.00 or 2 pounds so .60 cents per pound is $1.20. Jeff Nadeau the General Manager for Dewitt Move Worldwide offered in good faith $50.00 instead of the measly $1.20 and then wanted us to change our truthful review of this unsatisfactory service for additional money. Yes Jeff called it scathing but the company did nothing to these two employees. Jeff stated in an e-mail to me: "I could help you even a little more sir, if your other half (not sure if you are married) would be willing to change her scathing review of us she did on line. Fast, easy claims settlement must make it a little less distasteful to her. Let me know." This is terrible that the General Manager would rather offer a customer money to change their honest review than fix their problem. Shame on him! They never explained why it took from 23 days to move our house hold goods that were picked up on December 23rd 2015, stayed in Las Vegas until we called on the 12th of January 2016 and the sent down to California the next day on the January 13th 2016 which is only a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas to California. NO EXCUSE! This is the most dishonest company that I have ever worked with!


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