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October 27, 2016 – 11:48 am

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Alright let's face it NOBODY "SANE" enjoys the undeniable stress and physical drain of moving, regardless if it's across the street or across town...MOVING ALL YOUR "STUFF " IS THE PITS PERIOD! One of the most stressful things about moving is actually finding a reliable AND affordable company to move you. Well I lucked up and hired AZ DISCOUNT MOVERS, which made the moving process a a breeze, compared to past experience with Movers. I absolutely had no breakage, the two men I hired ( "Alex" and "Kirk') respected my artwork and handled everything with care. NO guys were standing around "lollygagging" deliberately "letting the meter run" This company honestly deserves more than 2.5 Stars...more accurately 5 STARS! I was extremely pleased with their service, and will certainly use them for my future moves. I HIGHLY recommend AZ DISCOUNT MOVERS.

In all fairness, I have used these movers twice and the first time was great. The second time however was an absolute nightmare. 1. They were late. Really late. Granted they called me and told me they were running late for the 8 am or around there start time. The first time they called and said they were running twenty minutes late or so. An hour later they called and said they were on their way. Personally, I set an alarm every day to get to work on time, but whatever. 2. They argued with each other. It was kind of uncomfortable. 3. Took smoke breaks. I don't pay people to smoke on my time, AND I know people personally who can manage to get through four hours of work without smoking two or three cigarettes while the other guy does all the work. 4. Dry wall? damaged. Large gouges in the hallway. 5. They left solid Maple bedroom furniture standing on end, I almost killed myself getting it right side up. They took a mirror off an upstairs wall that was extremely heavy. Unfortunately they should have asked me if it was even suppose to be moved because it was staying with the house. I saw it on the truck and asked them to unload it, but instead of taking it back upstairs and rehanging it, they just left it outside propped up against the house after they took off of the truck. 6. They asked me if I had tools they could use and seemed angry when I didn't. Um, hello people, I'm moving everything is packed! You would think that movers would be prepared with things like tools AND their own water because I don't have time to be a hostess while I'm moving. Here's the thing: I actually referred three other people I know who all used them. So they made several thousand dollars in revenue from that business. I obviously can't leave reviews on the behalf of those people but I know they won't use them again and I will NEVER use them again nor will I ever refer anyone to them again. I would be to embarrassed. I did call a few days after my move when things settled down for me and left several messages for the manager, just to give them some feedback. The guys I talked to said to me in an insulting and sarcastic tone "so I suppose you want some money back?" I honestly wasn't expecting money back. What I was expecting was an APOLOGY, and maybe an explanation and a little commiseration over my utterly crappy morning spent with those movers, that I was so desperate to get rid of I told them to leave all of the boxes in the garage and just go. I never got a call back. So that's that.

Hard workers that hustle to get the job done in a timely matter. They instantly know how to navigate all your belongings safely with care. No time spent dilly dallying. Experienced, courteous, quick at a great price

I have been meaning to come in and update my review. Because of the positive experience I had I decided to use AZ discount movers for another move. I'm not sure what changed but this experience was completely different than the last. The driver was rude and ended up hitting my vehicle and the movers damaged some of our furniture. I am giving two stars instead of one because they eventually paid for the damage to my vehicle and some of the damage to my furniture. I have stopped recommending them to my friends and family and will look for another company I. The future.

I find it very disturbing that the only reviews on Yelp are the bad ones. We used this company in the past and I must say that the guys who came to move us worked their tails off. We were in an apartment and had a large storage unit at a different location. I spoke directly with the owner every time I called and was quoted a fair price to which they adhered to. They arrived when they said they are going to be there and were very careful with preparing everything they needed to move. The move was done quickly but effectively. I would definitely use this company again in the future as well as recommend them to my friends.


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