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November 11, 2016 – 11:37 am

Local Movers in Fairfax, VA - Affordable & Dependable!

The staff of our moving company is made up of experienced movers. Fairfax, VA residents can have peace of mind about the security of their possessions. Our clean trucks contain state-of-art equipment needed to keep items intact and secure throughout the journey. For instance, we have pads that can keep a big piece of furniture from bumping up against other items in the truck. We understand that moving can be a stressful undertaking: That’s why we make it a point to handle all of a customer’s furnishings and valuables with care.

In most cases, a person who is moving has a budget in mind before starting the process. People in Fairfax can get a free moving quote for our professional moving service. All a person has to do is fill out the form on this page and we will respond promptly. We are proud to offer affordable prices to our customers.

Movers in Fairfax VA. My Guys Moving & Storage

Storage in Fairfax, VA

If you need storage in the Fairfax area, just call My Guys. We have a secure, military-approved warehouse where your items can be stored in individual vaults. We also offer a "storage-out" service to move your items from Fairfax storage facilities such as those located at:

A Variety of Packing Options

When it comes to packing, we are different from other moving companies in the Fairfax, VA area. Customers can request that we pack all of the items in their home, apartment, or commercial business, or a customer may ask us to perform a partial pack of items in a particular room or area of the home or business. Some customers ask us to help pack their delicate possessions, such as dishes or ceramic figures. Our skilled packers are ready to take on any request that a customer has. Of course, some customers prefer to pack their own belongings, so we have a wide range of moving boxes and packing supplies for purchase at very competitive prices.

Finally, there is one last reason why many people choose us over other moving companies: Fairfax, VA customers appreciate our eagerness to help. Feel free to call us or contact us by email. We can answer questions & provide helpful moving tips about any of our moving services. Contact us today and let us help with your next move!


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