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May 31, 2017 – 03:50 pm

Payless Moving - 13 Reviews - Movers - Rte 168, Turnersville
777 Rte 168
Turnersville, NJ 08012

VERY impressed with these guys! From the word "go" right at 8am they hit the ground running...all while taking care of our things as if they were their own! Like many people I've had a negative experience with another mover before, so I was a little worried going into this move.but my fears were relieved right off the bat. Frank, Pete, and Kyle really worked very efficiently the entire time. I will definitely use them again if needed. Nicely done Payless Movers!

We needed movers and were super limited to our choices but Payless was at a reasonable price. We hired the company to help us move everything but clearly the 3 skinny guys weren't going to be able to do that. One look and I knew it wasn't going to be good. Each were very polite to my face but obviously were not happy about walking up our stairs. That's why we paid them though and we definitely made it clear what the job entailed beforehand. They frequently took smoke breaks or times to eat/drink and complain away from us. Which was fine...we didn't care, but not when the clock was running. I needed to continually keep going outside and tried to get them moving by offering water. It felt like herding angry lazy teens and it felt like I was stuck being friendly so that we could just get going. The worst was that we had to move things up on our own. We moved out boxes as if we were part of the company. Sweaty, tired and totally fed up was the best way to summarize our experience. I'm convinced we moved the same number of boxes. We were vulnerable and needed this done so it was not a choice. Honestly, that day was hell but I knew I'd have to get through it even if it meant carrying out boxes on my own. All our furniture arrived fine, somewhat professional but due to miscommunication they would need to return the next day. We had only half our boxes finished. The icing on top? The quote we were given turned out to be "wrong" according to our movers but luckily we had it on paper. They tried to charge us more. A phone call to the owner helped. The owner was super polite, understanding and set up a day 2 move. Since we knew it was pretty much going to be us moving with hired help we had low expectations. Day 2 was worse, they had 2 people and would only handle large items and big boxes. Even if we moved small stuff we weren't allowed to put it the truck. It was really not worth arguing bc we NEEDED them at that moment. We were helpless really. The 2nd trip movers still didn't get the job done. Luckily we had friends as a back up plan set up. Never again. Total nightmare.


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