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June 24, 2017 – 09:34 am

Moving ScamsWhile most moves are going to take place with few problems (assuming you use Moving Guardian's "America's Best Movers" database to locate a moving company rated A or better with the Better Business Bureau), we frequently hear of some real Horror stories from visitors of our website. Below, you will find some prime examples of why you should never trust your move to one of the cheap or unlicensed movers that plague the moving industry.

How your possessions might look inside a trailer packed by a third-party moving company

Third-party movers are essentially a delivery service for local moving companies who seek a cost effective solution for transporting goods across state lines.

Moving ScamsProper packing techniques will directly affect the outcome of your move

There are very specific methods for packing your belongings into a moving truck to minimize the chances of damage to the cargo. Untrained and inexperienced moving companies will rarely take the time to learn how to do this correctly, often overloading boxes and incorrectly securing furniture. Incorrect loading causes boxes to explode or crumble in transit, and furniture to move about, causing damages to both the furniture and anything it happens to make contact with.

Always read the fine prints - don't incur "shuttle fees"

Moving ScamsIf a moving company tries to make a delivery but there is no access for the trailer, they will often try to charge you a shuttle fee to move your belongings from wherever the truck can unload to your home. If you can't or won't pay the shuttle fee, you may be forced to take delivery of your shipment at a parking lot or any other place that the trailer can be unloaded. When a customer makes his own delivery, the mover is no longer liable for any damages from that point onwards.

Sloppy work by even sloppier companies

This photo was taken after a delivery had been made. Take note of all the leftover boxes and broken items.Moving Scams When third-rate moving companies mix multiple jobs in one vehicle and use inadequate inventory control techniques, this can often be the result: lost, misplaced or damaged boxes and furniture. Moving Guardian carries a line of high visibility moving stickers that will help you avoid this kind of situations.

Incorrectly stacked boxes

When a third-rate mover places heavier boxes on top of lighter ones, this is often the result: burst boxes and damaged contents. Always hire a reputable moving company and let their specially trained movers do the packing for you. Reputable moving companies carry liability insurance to cover any breakages or damage that they incur during your move.

Avoid this kind of a disaster

This is what your boxes will most likely end up like if you don't correctly pack, tape and secure them during your move. Always use a reputable moving company like the ones you can find in our America's Best Movers database who are rated A or better with your local Better Business Bureau.

Moving Scams Moving Scams


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