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Professional Mover Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

March 29, 2017 – 10:29 am

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Cover letters for today’s job hunters have to be more effective than ever. Most industries offer electronic submission of resumes, and strong cover letters help hiring managers sort out those who are wasting their time. Moving companies may get hundreds of resumes submitted for a job, so your cover letter needs to stand out. You can improve yours with this professional mover cover letter sample and writing guide. Then, your chances of getting hired may increase.

Best Action Verbs for a Mover Cover Letter

The professional mover cover letter sample is helpful in learning about the best, most vivid verbs to choose for your sentences, such as aided, arranged, assisted, cooperated, demonstrated, ensured, expedited, and provided.

Cover Letter Text

Dear Ms. Carter,

As a young child, my parents taught me that hard work would trump raw talent any day of the week. As I went through my school career, I saw many examples of this idea in practice. When I wasn’t naturally talented at something, I still found that by working hard, I eventually was able to succeed. Today, I follow that same philosophy in my career aspirations. This makes me a perfect choice for the mover job that was advertised in your organization.Ever since I decided to work as a mover six years ago, I have found that I do have the natural skills to help make me more successful. My success wouldn’t happen, though, without that other factor, a strong work ethic. My talent for moving materials and furniture is strong due to my ability to lift more than 100 pounds at a time, which more than meets the job description’s requirements. My background in physical sports, such as football, basketball, and weightlifting, have given me the physical strength to be able to do this job. This strength also allows me to expedite furniture moves safely and experience fewer chances of having a work accident. Additionally, my strong commitment to excellent work helps me be successful as well. My customers have always been impressed with how I quickly arrange their furniture in their new home. Working as a team is another essential aspect of this job, too, and I enjoy cooperating with others to make things more efficient. My strength and attitude would make me a great addition to your team of movers. Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can come in for an interview. I am appreciative of your time and consideration of me for this position.


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