Three Men and a Moving Truck [Costs, Services & Tips]

May 28, 2017 – 11:32 am

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Moving locally is often a time when important decisions must be made to turn that short distance move into a fairly cheap and problem-free moving experience. One such crucial decision is whether you will resort to hiring a reputable local moving company to help you during that notoriously laborious and stressful period.

And, should you choose to take advantage of three men and a truck movers, then you must be aware how much local moving companies charge as well.

Take a closer look at what local moving options you have to make the best decision under the presented circumstances. The thing is that by knowing what you are against, you will be better prepared for a good fight – a fight from which you have no other alternative but to emerge victorious.

Read on to learn more about finding, hiring and working with three men and a moving truck.

Moving home by yourselfMoving on your own vs. Three men and a truck

Moving across the country is usually reserved for professional moving companies that specialize in long distance transportation of household goods. The greater the move distance is between two homes, the greater the risks will be during the haul itself – possible road accidents, technical problems with the moving vehicle, delays due to inclement weather, and even potential risks due to force majeure circumstances.

Audacious or even shocking DIY attempts to move prized possessions hundreds or thousands of miles to another part of the country without professional assistance don’t usually have happy ends. Everybody knows that long distance moving is the realm of professionals, and the best cross country movers tend to do an excellent job carrying that risky and challenging burden on their shoulders.

However, whenever a household move stays comfortably within the 100-mile radius and never leaves the state of origin, then you get faced with an interesting dilemma – should you rent a van from a local truck rental agency and complete all relocation stages on your own, or should you trust a local moving company (usually three guys and a moving truck) to do the job for you.

Moving by yourself

Consider renting a moving truck and moving your stuff by yourself if:

  • You’re positive that a single shout for help from you will manage to gather a few good and reliable friends to help you with packing, carrying, and loading the things you’ve decided to take with you.
  • You have previous experience in organizing a house move, and you remember what needs to be done and in what order.
  • You’ve found an affordable truck rental company near you, and you’ve also heard that their trucks are decent.
  • You own a pickup truck, or you have a friend who does, and you plan to save some money that way.
  • You don’t own any items that require special packing and handling – something that you’d rather not do on your own. Examples of such specialty items include a piano, a pool table, a hot tub, or antique furniture.
Three men and a truck movers An operating elevator on moving day


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