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October 21, 2016 – 02:39 pm

Park it 360 electric trailer mover for sale in Miami, FL - 5miles

Force Electric Powered Trailer Dolly

"P360 HD B" 10, 000 lb Capacity unit comes with:

  • 4" wide tires (will handle up to 900lbs tongue weight)
  • Ball Mount (With Parkit360's Stableloc Technology right out of the box your Parkit360 Trailer Dolly connect to almost any trailer).
  • Comes with the 80" trailer connection cable to be able to use your trailers battery. A cable is also included for use of a battery on the Parkit360 Force Trailer Dolly.

"P360 HD B2" 10, 000 lb Capacity unit comes with:

  • Safe "Smart brake controller" built for Electric and surge brakes. (Plug in your trailers wire harness and the Parkit360 Trailer Dolly Will automatically operate your trailer brakes)
  • Battery Not Included. White Battery Box (Built for a series 24, 12 volt deep cycle battery)
  • Battery Charger (Built in battery tender)

"P360 HD B3" 10, 000 lb Capacity unit comes with:

  • 6.5" wide track tires (Gives your Trailer Dolly better traction on grades, grass and gravel)
  • Frame adapter option (Optional connection for ultimate versatility)
  • Width of unit is 19"


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