22 Attachments For Your ATV Or UTV

June 21, 2017 – 12:16 pm

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ATVs and UTVs were once considered a luxury or, at best, a way of transporting people and materials around the farm. Real farmers only used tractors. However, with more powerful engines and more robust frames and drive trains, modern ATVs and UTVs are proving capable farm tools, and their lower cost and maneuverability often give them an edge over their larger counterparts in some situations. You’ve maybe already discovered the value of a winch on your quad, but there are plenty of other implements that give these four-wheel wonders unexpected versatility.

Snow Attachments

Playing in the snow or just going for a winter’s drive down a quiet trail can be delightful, so why not enjoy the task of removing snow with your quad?

Tire Chains

Off-road tires are great for trails and a little mud, but tire chains give your vehicle extra bite when working on dirt, snow or ice. They’re relatively inexpensive, are available for nearly every tire size, come in a variety of patterns and install quickly.


Snow removal blades come in two varieties: V-shaped and straight. V-blades push snow from the center to both sides for a balanced push, while straight blades can be slanted to push all the snow to one side or the other. If your quad lacks hydraulics, look for a model with an electric winch to raise and lower the blade. There are a number of blade manufacturers in a variety of sizes to fit just about anything from an ATV to a 1-ton truck.

Snow Throwers

If just pushing snow around isn’t good enough for you, consider a full-blown snow thrower with an auger feed. With its own air-cooled engine for power, it makes short work of making a trail out to the barn and woodpile, clearing driveways, or even throwing snow off the pond for ice fishing or a game of hockey.

Hay Attachments

Draft horse implements for cutting, raking and hauling hay are still being manufactured, and older ones in working condition often show up at farm auctions. Replace the harness with a drawbar and hitch it up to your quad, and you have the means to harvest your own hay.

Sickle-Bar Mowers

Wheel-driven sickle-bar mowers that are originally designed for horse farming adapt well to ATVs and UTVs. There are several companies that manufacture them, but if you keep your eyes open, you may find one at a farm auction.

These are easy to find for quads: Just look for yard rakes. They often show up at auctions, but you’ll be bidding against people who just want to use them for yard ornaments.

Hay Dolly

Like an ant moving several times its weight, a quad can easily lift and move a 1, 000-pound bale of hay on a two-wheel dolly. The less expensive units use a hand winch or come-along to lift the bale, while the powered lifts use an electric winch or hydraulic cylinders. The quick and maneuverable quad hay dolly may be become your go-to hay mover even if you have a full-sized tractor.

Cultivation Attachments

Many attachments can be pulled behind just about any vehicle—the key is to find an implement that matches your vehicle while staying within the power limits of your quad. Working at high-power output and slow speeds is a recipe for overheating and can be stressful to the drive train, so don’t attempt to substitute your vehicle for a tractor unless it’s up to the job.


Plowing is one of the most horsepower-intensive tasks you will ask of your quad, and the long, sustained pulls will test the cooling system and transmission. They typically use an electric winch to raise and lower the plow, and may require additional weight to match the vehicle to the task.


There are several manufacturers of tillers for ATVs and UTVs. These pull-behind units have their own power supply, which takes a lot of the load off of the vehicle. Even so, working for hours at slow speed means less cooling airflow over the engine, so you need a vehicle with an external oil cooler. What better way to till a large garden than to sit in the shade of a UTV cab with a cold drink and your favorite music?


Finish off the ground preparation with a harrow for a smooth, even surface ready for planting. (Harrows are also great for preparing arenas for shows.) Tight maneuverability and a light footprint make quads an ideal workhorse for these tasks.


For shallow soil preparation and the creation of evenly spaced rows, a cultivator is the tool of choice. Even a small quad can pull an old-fashioned walk-behind cultivator, but equipment designed for quads is much faster and more efficient, though much more expensive.


Pulling a disk can be one of the toughest jobs a quad can do because this operation usually takes place after plowing to break up large clumps of dirt or sod and to fill in the furrows. Large wheels with tractor tread and high ground clearance make the going easier. Make sure the disk is appropriate size for your quad’s weight and power.

Source: www.hobbyfarms.com

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