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April 25, 2017 – 10:38 am

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This is my 16th move, so obviously I am NOT A ROOKIE Johnson!!! I have NEVER experienced such horrible and unprofessional service from office personnel in my life, especially from the GM. Pompous, condescending, arrogant and another word I can't put here doesn't even describe it and yes I let him have it over the phone and when I saw I was getting nowhere with him, I let it rip and quite frankly don't care. By that point, I was already livid. I was forwarded to him because he "can make things happen."

Well, once they got their money and I realized I was bamboozled on how the insurance coverage was conveyed to me, the packers/loaders did not take the time and effort to somehow bundle or make it easier to unload garage and shed items (see before and after photos and that was only a small fraction.). Now I have to take everything shovel by shovel, broom by broom when I PAID FOR FULL PACKING on a $15, 000 move and I'm treated like garbage, belittled by the pompous GM and put off by our "account rep". If that isn't bad enough, I was informed my cu/ft was around 2300. So I rented a 10x30 storage shed. Do the math. 3000 cu/ft.

Well, I had to rent another 10x15 unit because obviously the estimator had no clue what he was doing and/or rushed the process and now have a $340/month storage bill when I could have rented a 10x40 and saved a lot. I also didn't need the 10x15, only a 10x10, but when I asked the "PROFESSIONALS", they said "a 10x10 would be too small". Well, the 10x15 is about half full. So they have cost me even more money. At the end of the day, I am left holding nothing and now that my items are in storage, I was misinformed about insurance. Our HHG are now not insured and on top of it all, I had to ask for receipts on our payment.

Like most businesses, all they care about is getting their money (upfront, and I suggest you tell them to pound sand and not pay in full until you have received your goods in full and have inspected. I didn't bother inspecting because I am not insured and it would be a waste of time, so after the 4th time handling my goods, I'm sure there are broken items, missing hardware because I have no clue where that is and nobody really seems to care if we are able to put our kids' cribs back together, our dining room table and every other thing they decided they would take apart. Do you think this company cares? No. The only reason I am giving a one star is because of how the office staff treated me. I took care of the workers. Gave them lunch and a modest tip. I wouldn't even give office personnel a drink of water after the way they treated me.

FOR THOSE WHO CHOSE TO USE THIS PATHETIC COMPANY, make sure you fully understand their insurance requirements and watch them like a hawk, because I was also not informed I had to stand there and check off my inventory list one by one. Once I realized nobody was doing it, I asked and was told "everything was on the truck. It was locked and sealed." Well, that gives me a real warm and fuzzy!!! Again, I paid 15, 000 to have a mover do the work, not me.

ALL PREVIOUS MOVES WITH OTHER MORE REPUTABLE COMPANIES, I stand there as they check the items off, tell me what's in them and I decide if I want to inspect for damage. Not the other way around, so be prepared to pay a lot of money and do a lot of work yourself. I was taping up loose items to make it easier on the guys unloading and for me when I have to load everything again. Also, I found it odd that a United Moving company would use a Mayflower trailer to load and deliver. Shady at best!!!

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